The Brands you can trust!

There is a reason we put stuff on our shelves.  We don’t do it just to make money, we research every product we order in and we test it ourselves.  Continue reading to learn a bit more about our favorite brands.

Hikari was founded in 1979, stemming from a revolutionary role in fishkeeping and an obsession with beautiful fish since 1877.  They guarantee their frozen foods to be free of parasites.  No other company does.

Eheim GMBh invented the Suction Filter in 1963, and later joined with Jager who invented the Submersible Heater.  A mainstay in quality aquaristik!

Omega One, by OmegaSea, started in 1998 as the first fish food company to use fresh, whole ingredients.  We find their flake foods to be the most readily accepted by our fish.

Tropica has been growing plants since 1970.  With almost 50 years experience, it’s safe to say that they know plants!

Northfin was founded in 2011, and it took them a few years to come to market with the world’s first fish food containing absolutely no fillers, artificial hormones, or pigments.  Plus they’re Canadian!

Fritz Aquatics began making pet products in the early 70s, and is trusted by some of the largest public aquariums and zoos on the planet.  They’re not too common in Canada, but it’s a brand recommended on nearly every fish forum.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API) developed over 170 products between 1964 and 2003, and are now operated by a quality food manufacturer who has been in business since 1911.

Python Products started in 2015, but their name is well known, and for good reason!

Aquatop doesn’t have a long history, just a mission to make quality equipment at an affordable price.

Aqueon, Kent Marine, and Coralife have 125 years of combined experience in the fish care industry!

Seachem Laboratories has been helping us keep our aquariums healthy since 1970.  They continue to impress with their new brand AquaVitro, which is aimed towards shrimpkeeping, reefing, and planted aquaria; and JurassiPet.  We have fallen in love with JurassiPet.

Pangea started in 2001 and have focused their attention exclusively on geckos.

Arcadia Reptile has been lighting up our pet’s lives since 1964.  Their mission to put an end to Metabolic Bone Disease in captivity has led to the addition of nutritional products.

Repashy has been focused on quality Reptile, Fish, and Bird foods since 2004.

The BioDude started developing natural vivarium ecosystem solutions in 2001.  His obsession is genuine.

Zoo Med has been helping us care for our reptile friends since 1977.

Pet-tech has been around since 1989.  They make Magnaturals, a welcome alternative to similar mainstream products which use suction cups.  We don’t really like suction cups.

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