The Journey Begins

An empire begins with one brick. -Robert Gera

For us, that brick was Repashy fish foods.  It wasn’t available locally, online prices were high, and then shipping… So we decided to become distributors.  We started with the products we would use, in case we didn’t sell anything.

As more people became interested in buying our fish, we decided to approach a wholesaler and were encouraged through the process of becoming a legitimate retail operation.  Paperwork started falling into place, and we turned our living room into a pet store.  We put up shelves, and made tank stands, and stretched our family budget to afford our first order.

We are continuously adding products to our very tiny shelves.  We have Fish Tanks sitting on the living room bookshelf and backstock under our bed, but we find the room.

We will continue to search out the best brands, the best products, and the most awesome fish, and provide them at reasonable prices.

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